About The “New” Westminster

In the spirit of rebuilding, revival and renaissance, The “New” Westminster blog is about all the new things happening in the city.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen numerous new developments sprouting up all around town, particularly in the downtown core, and new amenities as well. What we’re noticing is how many of these are sprouting from old foundations which are being maintained and often restored for a new purpose.

In a nod to Bob Fosse and All That Jazz, The “New” Westminster is about everything old that’s new again. Be it the existing Pattullo Bridge or the parkade hanging over Front Street, we aim to spur dialogue and discussion over what to do with all that’s already here, rather than tear it all down and build something entirely new in its place.

The blog is maintained by two New Westminster residents, Keith MacKenzie and Daniel Fontaine.

Keith MacKenzie

Keith MacKenzie is a writer and editor who has plied his trade full-time in the editorial department of the 24 hours Vancouver newsroom since 2005. Prior to that, he was editor-in-chief for a dynamic bilingual newspaper called The Source, which focused on the many different cultures of the Lower Mainland and aimed to build bridges between them through greater understanding of one another.

He also plied his trade as an editor for the United Nations Development Programme in Kiev, Ukraine in 2001-2002, has visited Chernobyl twice and was on an airplane from Budapest to Kiev when the World Trade Centre fell on September 11, 2001.

Prior to that, after graduating from the University of Victoria with a double major in English and History inj 1996, he lived and worked in London, England, and Edinburgh, Scotland, exploring how people do things differently in different places – including urban design and management, transportation and overall quality of life.

Keith was born in London, Ontario, but moved to the west coast with his parents before he was one year old. He has resided in the Lower Mainland since 2002, and at the north end of New Westminster’s downtown core since 2009, where he has actively participated in New Westminster’s continuing growth as the manager of the New Westminster Writers’ Group. He is a proud husband, father, son and citizen.

Daniel Fontaine

Daniel Fontaine works as the chief public affairs officer for a national research and training network located at the University of British Columbia. His past career endeavors include working in the private and not-for-profit sectors as well as government.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Manitoba, Fontaine went on to complete the Media Writing and Public Relations certificate from Langara College. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for Douglas College and previously served on the BC College of Psychologists from 2004-2010.

Fontaine is the weekly civic affairs columnist for 24 hours newspaperHe also regularly appeared on the civic affairs panel for the top-rated Bill Good Show on CKNW radio and the CBC’s Early Edition. In 2008 he co-founded CityCaucus.com, one of Canada’s most popular civic affairs blogs.

Fontaine was born in St. Boniface, Manitoba and moved to British Columbia in 1989. He is married with one son. He has resided in the historic Queen’s Park neighbourhood of New Westminster since 2001.

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