Lots of noise over the Pattullo

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Fraser River, Pattullo Bridge
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Looks like there’s a lot of opposition to TransLink’s proposal to build a new six-lane bridge to replace the aging Pattullo. It’s true that oppositional forces are louder than supportive forces, but still, it’s a statement.

For the record, TransLink’s initial proposal consisted of two separate designs – both virtually identical and different only in that one is slightly upstream and the other slightly downstream from the existing bridge.

One may even suggest that this is a smaller version of what’s happening over at the Port Mann crossing – a larger super-bridge being built right next to the old bridge. And New Westers don’t like that very much.

The City of New Westminster has made it clear to TransLink that they’re also not happy with the transit body’s consultation process thus far, and held an information session of their own on May 3. If that session was any indication of the larger sentiments of New Westminster residents, it’s clear that people here would happily see the existing Pattullo fall into the Fraser and be washed away, and no new bridge to take its place.

A final decision on the bridge is likely a long time away, but according to the Royal City Record, TransLink has held off on holding stakeholder meetings on the Pattullo until June, after it’s had a chance to review the results of New Westminster’s info sessions.

Another opportunity arises as well. A community forum on what we can do with the existing Pattullo Bridge – short of demolishing it – will take place at the River Market on June 6. Two SFU urban visionaries, Gordon Price and Anthony Perl, will be there, as well as a transportation engineer from the City of New Westminster, Jerry Behl. An invitation to TransLink to take part in this was respectfully declined, but TransLink representative Drew Snider did express his sincere interest in the results of that forum.

We’d like to see you there at the forum, especially if you have some creative ideas on what we can do with the existing bridge. And we’re looking at every possibility, within reason. More information here and at our Facebook page.


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